Will Bennett <rivermont>

GIS & Mapping Portfolio

A graduate student of Geography at Appalachian State University, I have several years of experience working with geospatial products in my courses, jobs, and volunteer experiences. Some of my products from work and university are displayed here.

Screenshot of avian flu map

2022 Avian Flu Map

Interactive choropleth map showing the extent of the 2022 avian flu (HPAI) outbreak. The map previously updated nightly with new data but USDA has changed how they serve data (and created their own map) so it needs updated.

Disputed Campus Memorials - Storymap

Screenshot of story map DEM from OSM data


Working paper looking at using elevation contained in OpenStreetMap data to create a digital elevation model (DEM). OSM isn't intended as an elevation dataset, but many features are tagged with elevation data (in the U.S. this is primarily from GNIS-imported features). At scale this can be used to create a fairly accurate DEM.

OSM Quad

OSM Topo Quad

Ongoing project to recreate a topographic quadrangle from the USGS 7.5-minute series, using only open-source data. Basemap data is being added to OpenStreetMap and contours are derived from LiDAR data from the NC Floodplain Mapping Program.

GFM Maps

I produced several maps of invasive species on Grandfather Mountain for the Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation as part of an internship in summer 2022. I created Survey123 forms to perform field surveys, and created maps in ArcMap from new and historical data.

Map of my OpenStreetMap contributions
Map of solar farms

OpenStreetMap Work

I've been a highly active contributor to OpenStreetMap (OSM) since 2018. I have hundreds of hours of experience hand-tracing features and working with complex relations within the OSM data structure.

TNC Solar Map

In 2021 I assisted the North Carolina Nature Conservancy office with mapping solar facilities around the state, as part of a program to make facilities more wildlife-friendly and avoid siting facilities in sensitive areas.

Optimal Birding Hotspots

Interactive map showing the results

Results of optimal birding stop analysis

Software Experience

I have extensive coursework experience working with vector and raster data in Esri ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap, QGIS, and ENVI.

I have field experience working with Esri Survey123 mobile and designing forms with Survey123 Connect.

Impervious surfaces in Boone Habitat suitability analysis WFM insertion