Live Avian Flu (HPAI) 2022 Outbreak Map

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This map highlights counties with reported cases of avian influenza (bird flu) in the United States. The outbreak in 2022 was first reported on January 13 in wild waterfowl killed by hunters.

Wild birds can be infected with HPAI and carry the disease to new areas when migrating, potentially exposing domestic poultry to the virus. Millions of commercial poultry have been culled to prevent the spread, and as a result the price of chicken is rising.


Wild Bird Reports Captive Bird Reports

Select individual counties to view reports from that county. Use the switches above to toggle individual layers.

Reports from wild birds are shown in orange. Reports from captive birds are shown in green. Captive reports come from poultry farms and backyard flocks.

Map by Will Bennett, source code available on GitHub.